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4 things you need to know about Activate Lubricants

January 17, 2022

Never spoken to Activate before? Then you may not know how our approach differs from other lubricant suppliers. Firstly, we are NOT a lubricant supplier! We are a world class precision lubrication partner, trusted by over 60% of the UK’s top 50 food groups, and able to support any business at any stage of the Lean journey.

1. We are quality focused

By ‘quality’, we mean quality of service as well as lubricant products. Our overriding goal is to replace lubrication-related losses with Lean gains, and we believe that lubrication is a strategic operational issue (not an emergency engineering issue).

To that end, all Activate services, systems, products and knowledge work together to achieve improved reliability and asset life, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, increased OEE, and guaranteed audit compliance.

The lubricants themselves are fully synthetic, food grade, NSF registered and UK-made for maximum performance, compliance and supply resilience.

2. We are passionate

The Activate team absolutely live and breathe food grade lubrication, in particular the precision application that optimises production line reliability.

We continually innovate and are always exploring new ways of optimising food grade lubrication, including automated lubrication systems, AI precision intervention and app-based monitoring / operational support.

As a family-run business, we hugely value the notion of ‘do it right first time’ – not only for our customers but for our own company processes too.

3. We are caring

Being a lubrication ‘partner’, we are on hand to provide customer support every step of the way, from an initial GAP analysis, through transitioning from old, inefficient practices, to optimised precision lubrication for multiple production lines.

Training is a huge part of our ‘best practice’ promise to customers, with options ranging from a comprehensive onboarding session when the Activate system is installed, to our own e-training platform which covers all Activate products, NSF registration and other best-practice elements. This is exclusive to Activate customers but also free to all food industry engineering apprentices.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is on hand during office hours to answer any query, help with ordering or give advice – particularly useful at audit time!

4. We are accountable

We stand by our knowledge and deliver our promises. That’s not supposed to sound egotistical, we just have supreme confidence in our customer offerings due to the perfectionist way they have been developed. If something does not hit our high standards, we don’t offer it - simple as that.

So proven is our approach that we offer director guarantees on key elements, for example audit compliance. We even guarantee a minimum 5:1 Return On Investment (ROI) on Lubrication Improvement Projects.

Thanks for sticking with us through the 4 points above, hopefully you now have a better understanding of what Activate can offer food production sites. If it all sounds good to you, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how we can improve your reliability and asset life, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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“Thank you so much for your help we cruised through the audit nicely thanks to your swift response! I don’t think there is anything we need at the minute but thank you again for the support - times like that show which suppliers truly deliver support and you do!”

Engineer - Leading UK Meat Producer

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“Thanks to you and the whole Activate team for your assistance this year, it has been great working with you.”

Chief Engineer - Global Snacks Producer

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