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‘Ban The Straw’ - Activate Did That Ages Ago!

January 31, 2018

As everyday consumers as well as working in the world of manufacturing, it is impossible not to notice recent news on the use of daily plastics and the effect on our environment. One campaign that stands out in particular is ‘Ban the Straw’ accompanied by many facts and stats on straw usage across the globe.

One consistent fact is that 500,000,000 (yes, 500 million!) straws are used every day in America equating to 175 billion per year. According to the Ocean conservancy, plastic straws are in the top ten marine debris items and it is being predicted that by 2050 the weight of plastic in the ocean will exceed the weight of all the fish in the seas.

In light of this story it may be of interest for our customers to know that, at Activate, we do not need to change our aerosol packaging at all to help combat this environmental issue - there isn’t a straw in sight across our aerosol range.

Being that it takes over 200 years for a straw to de-compose we are proud of this fact!

Although our aerosols can be recycled once converted to non-hazardous waste, our new product development team is looking into developing a conversion kit from hazardous to non-hazardous waste as an option for customers. More to be shared on this as developments unfold!

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