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E-training: lubrication 'best practice' in the palm of your hand

E-training: lubrication 'best practice' in the palm of your hand

Anyone who has been online over the last year will have noticed the explosion in e-training courses and providers. This has mainly been driven by the global pandemic of course - the inability to meet face-to-face has forced remote solutions to the fore.

There are other benefits however, the most important being the availability that online training offers and the consequent flexibility provided for you and your team.

E-training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The better platforms will also be mobile-friendly, allowing easy access any time, any place - even at the point of storage in the oil store, ideal for new team members and apprentices!


Activate Insights: tailor-made for Activate customers

Activate Lubricants' decades of experience in a focussed market mean we have a wealth of specialised knowledge to pass on to help our customers adhere to best practice in what are very compliance-heavy industries.

This is where our own e-training offering, Activate Insights, comes in: an online portal covering all major aspects of our products, service and best practice for foodgrade lubricant use.

The key feature is that Activate Insights is only for Activate customers and individual training portals are customer-specific. The videos and evaluation sets that appear in your account are specifically edited to cover your individual oil store inventory and factory-floor requirements. So no sitting through generic information that isn't relevant to you or your engineers!

Even if we've run a 'Toolbox Talk' in person at your production site (e.g. on installation of our System8® storage unit), we recommend that engineers take the Knowledge Evaluation at least once a year to keep best practice front-of-mind. New, relevant content is added to your Insights portal as and when available so chances are you will see something fresh when you return.

On completion, a certificate is sent to your Compliance Manager for inclusion in your site's Compliance Folder - another tick in the box for when the auditors visit!

The training videos themselves are always available to simply watch if you need to refresh your memory on a specific product or application.

Activate Insights subscriptions start from just £59 per year, per user so our e-training platform also provides a substantial cost saving when compared to face-to-face site visits. It really is a win-win solution for your engineers!

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