Finally - a solution to a much disputed lubrication issue!

Finally - a solution to a much disputed lubrication issue!

Ever tried to determine the correct re-greasing intervals for bearings? According to Noria, over 60% of bearing failures happen because of incorrect lubrication hence why this is an incredibly important issue for manufacturers.

The complexity of this is so much so that a group of experts in one room will not agree on a recommended outcome – this is frustrating of course! Why is this? It is easy for engineers to lay their hands on reams of conflicting published data; mainly from bearing manufacturers, reliability professionals and grease manufacturers, but when trying to find the right solution it’s like following many paths at the same time.

As many engineers will relate, stress levels are through the roof when wading through conflicting advice particularly when production lines are down and money is being lost.

This is clearly frustrating for engineers. During our regular visits to food manufacturers we often get asked ‘what is the answer to this complex issue?’ There is a really simple scientifically proven method that is fast and effective to implement. At Activate Lubricants we have used this method for many years and can demonstrate its effectiveness in a few minutes using Ultrasonics. We have known cases where lubrication accuracy = cost savings as bearings last at least twice as long.

We sometimes find that one of the issues is bearings are being over-greased. Obviously that’s a double win if bearing issues are solved and the outcome also means spending less on grease! If you would like to hear more about this please get in contact. Our technical team are a friendly bunch and would be more than happy to help with this complex subject.

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