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Meet Phil Hardwick, our Training & Compliance Manager

March 18, 2019

You may have met Phil already being that he does the majority of our ‘Toolbox Talks’. If you would like a Toolbox Talk from Phil as a refresh or for new members of your team then just let us know!

What is your job role at Activate?

I visit customers regularly to ensure that our products are being used effectively and that all compliance paperwork is up to date. I also deliver our ‘Toolbox Talks’ to engineers to ensure that our customers are knowledgeable when it comes to individual products - namely their NSF Classification, purpose and application. During my time on the road I am often asked what other products we offer and whether we have anything new added to our range. The full range is on our website but I am working with our marketing team at the moment to produce an Activate product guide that we can leave behind for customers to peruse.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Meeting different people every day that have on-going challenges with food production or packaging – I like the satisfaction of knowing their lubrication system is spot on and will get them through any audit. We often get remarks on our compliance manual and how much time this saves as all information is gathered in one place - it’s great when you get positive feedback.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

It is challenging in the winter when setting off a 4.00am knowing there’s a 500 mile round trip ahead. However, when you enjoy what you do this is just part of the overall picture. The other challenge is realising that our customers are really busy running 24/7 operations and time is of the essence. I do have to be mindful of this when delivering training – it’s a balance between ensuring everyone is effectively trained but appreciating that time is limited.

Changing the game
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“Thank you so much for your help we cruised through the audit nicely thanks to your swift response! I don’t think there is anything we need at the minute but thank you again for the support - times like that show which suppliers truly deliver support and you do!”

Engineer - Leading UK Meat Producer

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“Thanks to you and the whole Activate team for your assistance this year, it has been great working with you.”

Chief Engineer - Global Snacks Producer

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