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Case study - leading UK bread processing plant

Typical storage before System8®

Storage after System8®

Storage after System8®

The problem

Existing Lubricant Storage Situation

The results of a survey carried out by Activate found 23 lubricants on the site from 7 suppliers. Only 2 lubricants were foodgrade.

Potential risks

  • High risk of contamination of food by misapplication
  • Product recall from mineral oil contamination
  • Non-compliance in audit situations
  • Inadequate system of control and dispensing

The solution

Introduction of System8®

A free System8® eight week trial was concluded successfully, with the number of lubrication-related breakdowns being significantly reduced.

The benefits


Guaranteed audit compliance to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety bringing total peace of mind. Elimination of risks and prevention of non-conformances and product recall from incidents relating to industrial lubricants/mineral oil contamination.


Rationalisation of inventory reduced from 23 lubricants to 5 NSF H1 synthetic lubricants. Rationalisation of manufacturers from 7 to 1. A system of control, providing colour coding and a dispensing system enabling accurate selection of correct lubricant.

Performance and service

Reduction of breakdowns and extension of equipment life through application of high performance synthetic technology and application expertise. Free next day delivery on all products and real time technical support, by email, phone or site visit.

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