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Lubeshuttle Grease Gun

  • Cartridge visible in use
  • Fill level visible
  • 20 second changeover
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Grease cartridge visible in use

High quality unique Lubeshuttle side lever grease gun. Only for Lubeshuttle cartridges. High quality zinc plated steel barrel and ergonomic hand grip. Working pressure over 400bar/5,800 psi, maximum pressure capability 800 bar/11,600 psi approx. Maintenance free with no need to undo or open (no lost parts in production!), very little air disturbance so no longer need to bleed the gun. Measurable quantity per stroke up to 1.5 cm³ - accurate dispensing for improved reliability. TUV, DLG, BLT approved.

Sizes and Stock Codes

Lubeshuttle Grease Gun - 4564

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